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Semi-Trailer supplier & manufacturer for special vehicle offers the following services: Performance and technical of Semi Trailer and sewer truck, pricelist of Semi Trailer, information about sewer truck and Semi-Trailer ,Semi Trailer workshop.
Semi-Trailer,sewer cleaning truck are manufactured by FUJIAN TAIHUA TRANSPORTATION EQUIPMENT CO., LTD., Low maintenance,high level of generalization and reliable performance Semi Trailer and sewer truck.

       FUJIAN TAIHUA TRANSPORTATION EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. is a subsidiary company of Xiamen Rhe Industrial Group Co.,Ltd, which is Sino-foreign joint venture, engaged in each kind of special-auto’s production, R&D, and sales, established in the late of 2003, the overall investment is ...    

Sewer truck and Jupiter sewer truck is Suction Sewage Truck, is the new environmental truck for collecting, transporting, cleaning mud and slops to avoid the secondary pollution.
The suction sewage truck could suck in and discharge the dirt by itself. It works effectively with great capacity easy transport. The sewer truck is suitable for collecting and transporting the dejection, mud, oil and other liquid materials. Sewage suction truck adopts the advanced suction truck vacuum pump. It is with great sucking power and sucking distance, especially suitable for the suction, transportation and discharge of the obstruction in the sewer, like mud, silt pebble, brick pieces and other big things.

The company mainly produces each kind of Semi-trailer, Sewer truck,vacuum tank, Powder Tanker Trailer, Chemical Liquid Transportation Equipment, Dumper etc special vehicle series, and Environmental Sanitation Trailer, Emergency Power Supply Trailer, Multi-purpose Cleaning Truck etc high-end special-auto project is also in researching and trial manufacturing. The company registered JUPITER” brand for more than 20 years, and has passed the ISO 9001(2000V.) Quality Assurance System and 3C Authentication,also has gained as Famous Brand in Fujian Province & User Satisfied Product in Fujian Province 2008 etc many honors.